About Us

The seeds of  Holocaust Awareness began in 2006 when Chuni Kahan started arranging tours to the former concentration camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau. Since then he has arranged approximately 3-4 tours a year for members of the public from all backgrounds, including Civil Servants and members from the Emergency Services. Some of our participants would not have had the opportunity to participate in such tours without Chuni's efforts. These tours educate students to apply the lessons of the Holocaust to contemporary culture.

Over the years the number of tours per year and participants per tour have increased which has led to the forming of Holocaust Awareness Charity.


The aims of Holocaust Awareness:

  • Organise all-inclusive tours to former concentration camps and other historical sites
  • Arrange lectures by Holocaust Survivors to members of the public
  • Offer presentations to MET officers and other civil service departments to raise community awareness and help them understand the public which they serve
  • Inspire members of the public and future generations to encourage others to participate in our tours


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana.

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