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Judith Stein(London, UK)says...

Visiting Auschwitz has been an emotionally life-changing experience. The trip, led by Chuni Kahan, was inspiring and the guides had a wealth of knowledge. Every aspect of the trip was well considered and organised.

This is a trip that everybody needs to take.

Going to Auschwitz-Birkenau has been a life changing and an emotional experience, it really broaden my knowledge in relation to the holocaust and we should all never forget the victims.

I have learnt soo much and this has really made me change the way I think and feel.

I would recommend Kahan Travel- it is brilliant! and Chuni was fantastic and is very passionate

Earlier this month I travelled to Auschwitz in Poland as part of a yearly Holocaust awareness campaign. It was a fleeting visit, but horrifyingly, I may have spent longer alive at the camp than the majority of those who were sent there by the Nazis. I have visited a concentration camp before, but that was on a school visit as a child, and now that I have children of my own I felt a new sense of horror at the unspeakable crimes that were done to humans during the War. All of those on the visit had their own background and their own reasons for going; and I imagine that the visit will have impacted people in slightly different ways. What we all had in common though was the utter repulsion we felt at what had taken place at Auschwitz.

Three strands of thought ran through my mind throughout the visit and since:

-          How could an educated and modern society be manipulated en masse to take an active (for some) or complicit (for many) role in the extermination of a number of communities due to relatively small differences… Is any modern society immune to such radicalisation in the future…

-          How could individuals possibly reconcile within themselves pre, during, and post carrying out such horrendous crimes against young children, pregnant mothers and the elderly – those who pose no military risk – while seeming on the outside to be ‘perfectly normal’ moral beings…

-          The speed at which the plan was conceived, brought into motion, and carried out with extreme efficiency without modern technology was astounding. Why can’t we bring ourselves to work as fast and hard at doing good compared with those who do evil…

WW2 ended almost 80 years ago and although we would like to think that we will never again as a world commit such atrocities, clearly many times since there have been cases of genocide and there will inevitably be more cases to come. I believe that we all have a moral duty – by virtue of being part of society – to do our part in calling out human rights abuses wherever they arise, and ensuring we don’t ourselves slide into becoming a society that ends up committing such abuses for the ‘greater good’.

I highly recommend the visit it will change your outlook on life
This was an amazing and absolutely unforgettable trip which moved me to the core. It was brilliantly organised and led by Chuni who made sure everything ran smoothly and enabled participants to get the most out the trip which created life-long memories.Thanks you so much Chuni and keep up the excellent work you do.
I have always wanted to visit Auschwitz.
When the opportunity to travel there with Chuni arose, I jumped at it
Over a week later i still do not have the words to describe the experience and I am changed forever. I now believe this is one trip everyone should do in their lifetime.
Chuni you are kind, considerate, empathetic, and dedicated to the cause of creating awareness and education in light of these horrendous events.
Thank you for being an incredible human, for giving so much and facilitating this life changing experience .