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Testimonials (165)

James Bailey(UK)says...

I recently travelled to Poland and met with Chuni who escorted us around Krakow, Auschwitz and Birkenau. Chuni's knowledge, hospitality and facilitating guided tours was second to none. Such an informative and powerful experience.

Orlando(Greater London, UK)says...

Huge Thank you to Chuni and the Team for organising these tours, and providing an important insight into the Holocaust. It is difficult to comprehend the magnitude of the atrocity until you have seen the Auschwitz Concentration Camps with your own eyes. Only then do you really begin to appreciate and understand the significance. The harrowing consequence of hatred and intolerance. The Auschwitz tours are vitally important in keeping the memory of this awful part of our history alive. Ensuring it remains firmly in consciousness of future generations will hopefully prevent the mistakes of our past being repeated in the future.

Aaron K(London, Greater London, UK)says...

I visited Berlin a couple years back and thought I’d learned all there was to know about the Holocaust. I was wrong. Being in a place where so much devastation has been caused to so many, focuses one’s mind on the unspeakable acts committed through sheer hate. The overwhelming emotion you feel when you are standing in a gas chamber that took the last breath of millions of people is harrowing. When you see piles of shoes taken from children who perished can’t help but send a chill through every moral fibre. We owe it to those in our past to speak about it in our future and this experience will stay with me forever. I will think about it when I am talking to communities about living together cohesively and when I am speaking to victims and survivors whose lives have been torn apart by hatred. This was more than a trip; it was an opportunity to learn from our own empathy that we should celebrate that which unites us and condemn that which divides us.

Ian(London, Greater London, UK)says...

I can’t speak highly enough of Chuni and the local guides who walked us through our visit to Auschwitz, the depth of knowledge and the thoughtful way the story behind these horrific camps was presented was fantastic. I’d happily recommend this tour to anyone.

This trip was a culmination of many years of study into both 1930’s Germany and the Holocaust, though I had mixed feelings about how I’d react to the camps, I’m so pleased I went. The walk down the side of railway tracks towards the rear of Auschwitz Birkenau, heading to what remains of the gas chambers was so very emotional. I thought I knew many of the horrific details of what took place here, but I learnt so much from the wonderful local guides.

I think the Holocaust is so important to learn about, largely because it was humans that committed these acts, the lesson that there is good and evil in all man, should not be forgotten. Very few places in the world demonstrate this more clearly.

Thank you so much.

Paul Bsays...

Despite learning about the Holocaust from a very early age, nothing quite prepares you for a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau. To stand at the spot where a doctor (a doctor) decided, with a flick of a finger, who would live and who would die is truly numbing. Our group walked through the guided tour in almost complete silence, the sheer industrial scale (and methodology) of the atrocity weighing upon us. It ended at a wall of photographs. Families, children, glamorous young women and proud young men with their chests puffed out. Most of them were beaming – and most of them were probably dead within an hour of arrival.

Everyone needs to go to Auschwitz-Birkenau. I’m so grateful to the MPS and Holocaust Awareness for allowing me the opportunity to visit and to put things into perspective